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Whether you’re looking to board your puppy, teach him obedience, enroll in the head start program or train him strictly for hunting or competition in AKC and UKC huntIing tests, Hidden Lake Retrievers has you covered. Teaching your pup to respond and respect is our business, and we take pride in doing it well with care.


• Puppy Head Start — $600.00/Two Weeks
• Gun Dog — $800.00/Month
• Hunt Test — $800.00/Month
• Boarding — $15.00/Day

• Basic Obedience Program — $1500.00/6 Weeks
• Texas Handling Fee — $80.00 Per Entry Per Event
• Out-of-State Handling Fee — $100.00 Per Entry Per Event

Hidden Lake Retrievers offers a full boarding service. These services are $15 per day. Your dog will stay in the same area as our training dogs to provide a good clean environment in their home away from home. All kennels are cleaned several times each day. All kennels will also provide your animal with a house, shade, and fresh water. All dogs must be current on vaccinations including Bordetella (kennel cough). HLR feeds and recommends Purina Pro Plan.

PuppyPuppy Head Start
Designed for Puppies 4-6 Months old
As your dog matures they develop behaviors based on previous experiences. Many of the training issues that are observed in older dogs stem from behaviors that are learned at very early ages in the dog’s life. At Hidden Lake Retrievers we believe in taking advantage of this very impressionable stage in a dog’s life by proper socialization and exposure of a young puppy. In our Puppy Head Start program your young pup (4-6 months old) will begin to learn the basic of retriever skills. They will be exposed to birds, begin retrieving, learn to start sitting, heeling and coming when called. This work is all done in a very fun environment and teaches the dogs to work with the handler to get their reward. This is a tremendous benefit in the later stages of training and the dogs’ attitude towards learning is normally much better if they have been through this early type of conditioning. Our Head Start program is for puppies that are 4 to 6 months and is priced at $600 for two weeks of training.

gundogGun Dog
Designed for Dogs to be used strictly for hunting
This program is designed for the average hunter that would like to have a well-mannered hunting companion and is not interested in competing in the Hunt Test or Field Trial competitions. At Hidden Lake Retrievers we have been hunting with retrievers all of our lives and are very aware of what your dog will be expected to do when you take them out into the field. The Gun Dog program has two levels of training. The first level generally takes 3-4 months to complete* and the dog will be retrieving double marks, long singles, “Hunting Dead” and beginning to understand the concept of handling. The advanced Gun Dog program will generally take about 6-10 months to complete* and the dog will be proficient with triple marks on both land and water, confident and reliable at running blinds on both land and water. The dog will be able to deal with diversion birds and will honor while other dogs work. This program is priced at $800.00 per month and includes dog food and all controlled birds used in training. There is an additional charge for heartworm preventatives and shot flyers.

Note: These times are typical and can vary for each dog

hunttestHunt Test
Designed for Dogs that will be competing in akc and/or ukc hunt tests
This training program is for the owner who would like for their dog to compete in AKC and/or UKC Hunting Test programs, as well as a finished hunting companion. The Hunt Test program begins with Basic Obedience and progresses upward. The typical time frames for training are 4-5 months* for the Junior level (land and water singles), 7-10 months* for the Senior level (complex doubles, blind retrieves, walk ups, diversions and honoring), and 12-14 months* for the Master Level (Complex triples, difficult blinds, diversions, poison birds and honoring). This program is priced at $800 per month which includes Purina Pro Plan dog food and all controlled birds used in training. There is an additional charge for heartworm preventatives and shot flyers.

When it comes to competing you can run your dog or you can have us run them. If we run your dog there is a handling fee per entry per test of $80 for Texas events, $100 for out-of-state events.

Note: These times are typical and can vary for each dog

In addition to our Retriever training Hidden Lake Retrievers also does basic obedience training for all dog breeds. This training will develop commands such as Heel, Here, Sit and Stay. This training is a great foundation for future retriever training. This program is also very helpful for any future training as it teaches your dog to understand corrections and proper behavior. The Basic Obedience program is priced at $1500 for six weeks.

grounds2 grounds1

Hidden Lake Retrievers is a 200 acre training facility with access to over 6,000 acres of additional training grounds. These grounds will include rolling hills, flat prairie land, duck ponds, and several stock tanks. HLR has also built technical training ponds to teach the dogs the more advanced training concepts.  At Hidden Lake Retrievers we believe in caring for your animal like they were our own.  We have spacious 4 x 12 kennels which provide plenty of protection from the elements. Our kennels are all covered to provide plenty of shade and considerable amount of air flow. All kennels are washed and sanitized multiple times each day.